Christmas Presies - now that its March

So I am going to make a concerted effort to update my blog much more regularly, because, well, its time. There is lots I have to learn still - like how to take a more appealing photo of the things I make, for posting. I am constantly wowed by the quality of photos by craft bloggers around the web.
I managed to get organized this Christmas, and get a few presents made. Thanks to Planet June, I bought some cute patterns. The figgy pudding is actually free, although its good to support a fellow crafter. :-)

And darn it, I think I saved the file too small. Bear with me as I sort all this out. Anyway, the kids loved these little guys and I do too. I would like to make a whole slew of them.

The figgy pudding was a big hit. I added a thread loop to the top, so it could be hung on the Christmas tree.

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Sorry its a little blurry. As I said - got to get used to taking close-ups of my projects. Here's a picture of all the pudding parts, ready to be assembled:

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I had lots of fun doing these projects, but truth be told, I was sewing most of the day on the 24th. The best part though, was when my youngest nephew came in to 'help' me with my projects. I gave him a crochet hook to play with and a ball of wool. He informed me that the hook was actually a 'wooler' and that's what I was to call it. And the ball of wool - well. Later his mother must have spent a good 45 minutes untangling it. So much fun. Good memories.


  1. I totally need like 2 months to craft something as a gift. I am horribly slow. I can't knit or crochet though. Love your stuff. Must learn how to real soon!

  2. Thanks! And good luck in learning...I can't knit very well so I stick to crochet.


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