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Give a Girl a Journal

My favourite creative living coach, Jamie Ridler of has launched an initiative around what has been a constant in my life: journaling.

Her program is called Give a Girl a Journal. The idea is that if we provide young girls with their very own journal to write, draw - be creative in, a means of expressing themselves that's just for them, the possibilities for what it can bring to their lives, is endless.

I have kept a journal since I was about ten, I think. My first was a yellowish-coloured, small hardcover book, with the dates marked off and a few lines for each. It was probably meant more as a date book, but I used it to record happenings in my life. An early entry read, in very awkward printing, "I got two teef pulled today".

I started writing more consistently in middle school when adolescence is waning and new thoughts and emotions appear, and the teenage years take hold. I started in exercise books that I made pretty covers for out of wrap…

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