Craft Interrupted indeed

I feel like I haven't done anything crafty lately. Although, that isn't entirely true, because I was at a Stampin' Up party recently and made a whole bunch of delightful kids' cards. But I haven't felt like touching my crochet.
I have been really interested in picking up the art journaling more. The process really fascinates me. I am catching the 'Teesha bug' which iHanna turned me on to. I've been working on one spread for about a year and a half. Craft Interrupted indeed! I need to do some more backgrounds, so I can go right into collage without thinking about it. Backgrounds require some preparation though. You have to pack up the laptop, clear a space, get your paints out, etc. What can I say. Tiredness gets the better of me sometimes. Procrastination. Abundance.
I think I'm moving towards a craftier life though. I always wanted to do more art and craft projects when I was younger. But I put them off always for crazy, perfectionist reasons. I am a much happier person for delving into stuff, even if it's not perfect. The art is the hardest. Art, I was told, was never my strong suit. But I still love it. Laying colour down on paper is deeply satisfying.
I am going to try and get in the habit of writing more. From there, maybe I'll start posting pictures. One small step at a time. Rather than perfect from the get go.


  1. I hope the journaling is still going! Set up a little box with paints and pens so that you can do a little every day, it's better than a little almost never! :-) XOXo

  2. I do it sporadically, and definitely read about it all the time. I haven't responded until now 'cause the last two weeks have been crazy. (Interrupted) Nice to hear from you! Hope you are well. :-)


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