The Visual Journal

I have been reading alot about creating visual journals, illustrated art books and the like. I have been obsessed with this for the last several weeks. I have been reading about it (like I said), going to Flickr everyday to see if there are new posts, buying different types of notebooks, repurposing notebooks that I originally bought for something else, buying art supplies...but I haven't done any actual journalling. But MAN, am I prepared! I already have tons of old magazines, so I don't need any collage cut-outs...I will just cut up some old mags.
I have been writing more in my regular journal lately, which is a good sign. I feel less stressed when I do that. I used to write all the time, but at some point I stopped cold turkey due to unforseen circumstances. However...getting back to it, which I am very happy about. I am using a lot of ellipses in this post.
I have a friend coming to visit this weekend, so I doubt I will be journaling much this weekend...but she's of the same ilk, so you never know.
Happy craftinG!


  1. It was the same way before I started, I read and looked and fell in love - but it took a couple of weeks before I was brave enough to start! :-)

    Good luck, I hope you'll love art journaling as much as I do! I know I will never stop doing it.


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